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Mitch Shindelbower

A Walk in the Woods Photography

South Lake Tahoe, CA


I try to paint with my camera. The beauty of nature moves me to capture natural occurrences in an artistic manner. My specialty is wildlife, landscape,nature, in California and other various locations in the United States. I have a large emphasis on the Sierra Nevada's and the Lake Tahoe basin as my family and I have resided there for close to 20 years. My hope with photography is not only to create something I couldn't do with a brush or palate, but also to translate my relationship with nature to others as well as help others find their own.COPYRIGHT NOTICE
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On The Wing


Lady Bluebird


Blast Off


The Tahoe Dip


A Safe Place To Land


Lone Arnica


Tahoe Balloon 5


Passed Over Memories


Steam Iron


The Windmill And Morro Bay


White Faced Ibis


Hawaiian Sunset Cruise


Follow The Sun


Out Beyond The Breakers


Tropical Sunset


Softly Falling


Misty Pines


No Size Limit




King Of The Beach


Colorful Spring


Lupine And Log




Past Reflections


Lost In The Lupine